Bob Fraioli Live
Hopefully I will get this site  up and running soon with all the things I have planned soon so please be patient. Musician yes, site designer, definitely not !!

About me
 I have been playing the piano for as long as Moses has been holding candles !
 When I was younger all I could do was hear jazz and other music in my head and I was destined to go down this path. It was  hard for me to make the choice of music for a career for many reasons which I will speak to later.
 I studied music at Jacksonville University in Florida after a frustrating and non-productive year and a half at Steven's Institute of Technology. I finally received my performance degree in 67' . Then off to war in Viet Nam !!
 I was very blessed to have  an awful lot of different experiences there and still be functioning today. Viet Nam has its complications !!!  After Viet Nam I needed some sanctity in my life so went to California (Los Angeles) and enrolled at the graduate design school of Architecture at UCLA. I studied design there for three years and loved the freedom of every moment .  Working in the field of Architecture was boring for me and I found that I had another calling......."Mysticism" (or maybe I was being called) is a much more accurate way of putting it ! I will talk later on that but let it be known that the subject and the experiences have profoundly influenced my life.

In September I will be at
St. Augustine
January 30th
from 5-8 p.m.
Bring your instrument if you want to sit in...


Saturday, August 27th
Stan Piper on Bass with Bob Fraioli on Piano

Saturday, September 3rd
Stan Piper on Bass with Bob Fraioli on Piano

Usually described as a multi-dimensional and versatile player, Stan was always known by his teachers and peers as someone who easily adapted to any musical setting. Stan was first inspired from the popular jam band Phish, a band that is well known for their extended improvisations, intricate compositions, and blending numerous genres of music into one sound. With a healthy appetite for various styles of music, Stan’s wide range of influences include rock and heavy metal bands such as Metallica, Pantera, and Megadeath, fusion artists such as Wayne Krantz, Gary Willis, and John Scofield, and jazz masters like Ray Brown, Oscar Peterson, Charles Mingus, and Ron Carter.

Saturday, September 10th
Stan Piper on Bass with Bob Fraioli on Piano

Saturday, September 17th
Al Waters will be on saxophone accompanied by Bob Fraioli on Piano

Need not remind you how great it is to hear a real pro............For jazz saxophonist Al Waters, the music that became stuck in his head as a child wound up guiding him to a rich, harmonious life.

"Waters grew up watching Popeye and his nemesis, Bluto, fight to a tune called "The Spinach Overture," a song he later learned was based on the classical "Poet and Peasant Overture." He lived in the Davis Street area, right behind the old Isaiah Blocker Junior High School, where sounds from the band that practiced there wafted into the air and into his consciousness."

Friday, September 23rd
Debra Rider will be singing accompanied Bob Fraioli on piano

  Debra is a real treat to hear because she purely "professional" in every sense of the word !! She delivers song after song in any style and fantastic at all of them !!
Debra toured and sang backup vocals with the hall of fame southern rock band, Lynyrd Skynyrd. She has sung on many studio and jingle sessions for bands, TV and radio, and has been the voice of several robotics characters for Sally Industries. Debra sang Janis Joplin’s tunes for Sam Andrew of Big Brother and the Holding Company, opened for Boots Randolph and Marcia Ball, sang with University of North Florida’s Jazz Ensembles I & II, and also was featured with the Nelson Riddle Big Band.
Check out her website here

Saturday, September 24th
Barry Greene on Guitar with Bob Fraioli on Piano

One more thing.......The quality of our performers is as professional and good as anywhere within 500 miles of New York City. Please appreciate their talents...................they provide a wonderful atmosphere for you to have your drinks and soak up the view.

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